Saturday, January 26, 2013

Teaming up with "The King"

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Joins Richard Petty on Team Goody

JR Motorsports | Press Release


TARRYTOWN, N.Y.T (January 21, 2013) – Two of the greatest names in auto racing are teaming up to back one of the sport’s most committed sponsors, Goody’s®, the legendary headache powder. Dale Earnhardt Jr., the most popular driver in NASCAR racing today, is joining Goody’s longtime spokesman, Richard “The King” Petty, in a new multi-media campaign that will introduce consumers to the fast-dissolving headache remedy. Beginning in early 2013, the driving duo’s radio, television and digital campaign will tell fans how to be unstoppable with Goody’s.

Goody’s Powder, part of the Prestige Brands portfolio (NYSE-PBH), will be the title sponsor for the Goody’s Fast Relief 500, the October 27 Sprint Cup Series race at Martinsville Speedway in Virginia. Goody’s also will continue its longstanding tradition of sampling the product at racetracks and, to the delight of fans, bring Earnhardt and Petty together for personal appearances. The campaign will also feature a significant retail component that will include special events, in-store promotions and contests, and sampling of Goody’s headache powders via a specially branded mobile unit. In addition to sampling, the unit, which will travel to multiple markets throughout the NASCAR season, will also include interactive games and other activities that highlight the speed of Goody’s fast-acting products.

“This partnership is unprecedented,” said Joseph Juliano, Brand Director, Goody’s. “It is the first time that these two NASCAR legends have worked together. Each of them has a huge fan base, and they are both synonymous with the sport of auto racing. Goody’s is all about speed, and nobody personifies the idea of speed better than Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Jr.”

In 1977, Goody’s became the first non-automotive sponsor in NASCAR when it signed Petty as spokesperson, starting one of the longest-running relationships in sports promotion. Earnhardt Jr. is poised to take that tradition to a new generation of fans.

A third-generation NASCAR driver and 2004 Daytona 500 winner, Earnhardt has won the National Motorsports Press Association Most Popular Driver Award for the past 10 years in a row. Petty has more NASCAR wins and championships than any driver in NASCAR history. A Hall of Fame inductee, Petty won 200 races and finished 712 times in the top 10, and was nicknamed “The King” after winning the Daytona 500 and the NASCAR national championship seven times each. A second-generation racer (his father Lee won the first Daytona 500 in 1959), Petty has high praise for his new Goody’s partner.

“I am really looking forward to working with Dale Jr. on the new campaign for Goody’s, which will introduce the product to a whole new generation,” Petty said. “He is a great driver and a smart businessman, and nobody is more popular with NASCAR fans.”

“Richard Petty is a role model for me and every other driver in NASCAR,” Earnhardt said. “I am honored to be working with him and thankful Goody’s brought us together. I signed on with Goody’s in part because of their long-term commitment to NASCAR. They helped start the trend of non-car companies coming into the sport. In my mind, they are synonymous with NASCAR racing. I am also a big fan of their product because it works so fast.”

Petty also became a fan of the fast-acting headache powders long before he became a Goody’s® spokesman, and he’s eager to let others know that you don’t have to let pain slow you down.
“At every track I go to, people come up to me and tell me a story about using Goody’s,” Petty said. “At the same time, Goody’s is still something of a well-kept secret. Dale Jr. and I are going to change that. There is nobody better to help me spread the word.”

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It's that time of year again!

If you're like me, you've been counting down the days until the start of the 2013 NASCAR season and have been watching SPEED just to keep yourself updated on what's going on. I just found out some interesting news concerning Jr's sponsorship for this year. Here's the article:

No. 88 unsponsored for 13 races

By David Newton |

CONCORD, N.C. -- NASCAR's most popular driver will enter the 2013 season with 13 unsponsored races.

But team owner Rick Hendrick doesn't seem concerned that Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s No. 88 has open inventory.

Hendrick said there has been plenty of interest from sponsors and that he is more concerned with finding a match that will work beyond 2013.

"We've got a lot of good opportunities," Hendrick said during Wednesday's stop of the Sprint Media Tour. "The way we're positioned, the car is covered until the end of the summer. I don't have a deadline [for a deal]. I'm not looking at a timeline. I'm looking at the right deal."

Hendrick said he was close on two or three deals, but "we haven't put any line in the sand." It was announced last year that National Guard would be on Earnhardt's car for 20 races in 2013. Diet Mountain Dew was contracted for 16 races in 2012 with PepsiCo having the sponsorship rights for 20 races.

Earnhardt said in September that there would be no problem luring new sponsors.

"We have more demand than we have supply, pretty much," Earnhardt said before the Chase opener at Chicagoland Speedway. "We have got the majority of the season with the Guard and then Diet Mountain Dew is going to back off a little bit, and that makes it a bit of a challenge to fill that small of a gap.

"If it were a bit larger gap, it would be easier to fill."

Hendrick said his other three Sprint Cup cars are fully sponsored. He doesn't believe that the open inventory on Earnhardt's car is an indicator that the economy hasn't turned around. He noted that more Fortune 500 companies entered the sport over the past year than in 2008 and that the crowd at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Arizona last week was the largest since 2006.

"The money spent was about twice what it was last year," Hendrick said of the Barrett-Jackson auction in which he purchased two Corvettes for more than $1 million each. "That's a great indicator."